Client Stories

My wife and I came into a small inheritance and were wondering what best to do with it. Like so many people, we don’t know a thing about finance. We put our heads in the sand when it came to pensions!

We looked around online and assessed our options. Everywhere we looked, the same answer came back: go to an independent financial adviser.

We met with Becky, who asked us about our hopes and fears for the future, and we discussed retirement and pension options. We had certain things we wanted to achieve; not to spend the whole lot, and also be able to leave something to our children.

Becky looked at our income, assets and outgoings. She gaged our attitude to risk too and made recommendations that would achieve our objectives. The work she did included cashflow planning and return on investment projections.

As a result of the process, Becky has given me the confidence to reduce my working week. For Miriam, she’s been able to go into semi-retirement. In fact, we’re both effectively semi-retired.

On a practical level, she helped us by liaising with our pension companies and enabling us to become a lot more tax efficient. We have sufficient, sustainable financial backup in case of unexpected difficulties, and we’re confident we’ll be adequately provided for in the future.

Should we need a catch up or a refresher, or have any concerns, we know that Becky is just a call away. It’s part of an ongoing relationship.

It helps that Becky herself is extremely competent, sincere and down to earth. She doesn’t talk down to us. She understands that we’ve been too busy earning a living to think about making money.

Brian and Miriam Hawley

Arlesey, Clients since 2018

I had worked for a company for 17 years when they offered voluntary redundancy. They had given me a variety of options in terms of how I wanted to receive my pay, but I wasn’t sure which would be best for me. I went to Becky for some advice.

We had an initial one on one chat and I gave her the information she needed. Becky came back with some options and it was obvious which one I should take. The process was really simple and collaborative. We just had straightforward, open conversation.

Becky is so easy to get on with. She oozes credibility. She’s straight-talking, confident and doesn’t give you any fluff in between! Her approach is friendly, and she put me at ease instantly.

In the end, I received a settlement package. The process gave me a great level of understanding and left me empowered when it came to my finances.

Next year I have a few things with my mortgage coming up; I need to remortgage, plus I’m now a self-employed consultant which adds some complexity to the situation. I’ll be going straight back to Becky when the time comes!

Sometimes you just need to go to an expert. The process has built up a relationship that I will absolutely carry on. I’ll use Becky time and time again.

She’s easy to do business with, and that’s worth its weight in gold. What you see is what you get, and what you get is something pretty special actually.

She makes a boring subject fun! I just can’t recommend her enough.

Nicky George

Stevenage, Client since 2018